Humbleriot is an idea shop that utilizes music & culture to create intentional experiences and tell compelling stories

our calling is to explore the endless bond between creativity, connection, and transformation. we exist at the intersection of authenticity and innovation providing bespoke solutions for our partners. music curation, cultural programming, and social impact are our playground. come play with us.


Uncharted Power is a new kind of social enterprise dedicated to powering a world in motion with motion. They utilize play and physical activity to confront the global energy problem by creating products such as the SOCCKET and PULSE that generate portable power based on movement.

By serving on their board of advisors, we have leveraged our collective experiences and resources to align with their global mission to revolutionize renewable energy. During the World Cup in Brazil, Humbleriot joined Uncharted Power in the favelas of Rio to teach a curriculum on social invention to demonstrate to children how they too can be Creators and Makers and PLAY to get POWER