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our calling is to explore the endless bond between creativity, connection, and transformation. we exist at the intersection of authenticity and innovation providing bespoke solutions for our partners. music curation, cultural programming, and social impact are our playground. come play with us.

Fit The Description

Fit the Description is a film series which explores the complexity of human identity through intimate dialogues as well as live interactive storytelling exeperiences. Our pilot series delves into the perspectives of Black male officers and civilians sharing personal stories around their experiences with law enforcement.




Mainstream media often reports social issues on an incessant loop of “I’m right and you’re wrong.” These one-dimensional conversations limit how we relate to ourselves and one another. Fit the Description brings complexity to these social issues by: 1) Providing a platform for underrepresented stories to be expressed and explored 2) Using FTD content and interactive experiences to disrupt polarized viewpoints 3) Leaving people with an expanded vantage point on the complexities of human identity.

Checkout the series HERE.